Fields of activities

Project management

Our company is currently doing more start-up and running tenders’ project management tasks. The service that we offer includes the time from the starting through the whole execution and maintenance period.

Choosing the best locality, collecting the required licenses, besides execution operating the project can be also parts of our services.


Utilizing of solar energy

Nowadays, our company is mainly engaged in solar power station investments and with the management of these projects. However, we would like to widen our client base. Besides coordinating our own projects, we are ready to managing other, European Union funded projects.


Searching for new projects and investments

Keeping the environmental oriented values in view, our company is open to other, new projects. Besides utilizing the solar energy, we highly pay attention for the possibilities of making use of geothermal- and water energy.


As a result of these, the Interwatt Ltd. would like to open towards other renewable sources both on national and international level.

Through  their other enterprises, the company’s owners are continuously participating on international markets, mainly in Western Europe and on the Western Balkan states.

Since 2009, we have a continuosly and untroubled cooperation with Point, that can be found in Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica and with Vellezerit Kovacic, situated in city Lezhe, Albania. Since 2011 we also have a successful cooperation with Nedeljkovic. It’s head office situated in a Serbian city, Sasinci.

Over the past decades, they thoroughly became acquainted with the local economy’s life and with the regulatory environment. Thanks to their personal contacts, not only the built a close business partnership, but had the opportunity to had insight into the given country’s every days and culture.

Profiting by these experiences, the Interwatt Ltd. would like to invest in the local economies of the Western Balkan, of course keeping the green economical developments in view.

The economic growth and development is unimaginable without using the renewable energy productions sistematically. Through the investment, the Interwatt Ltd. provides the required professional knowledge and technology to the green economy development and contributes to the creation of employments.

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