Our reference works:

  • 1999 Elementary School, Bugyi (Investment of 50 millions)
  • 2003 Mayor’s Office of Bugyi (Investment of 40 millions )
  • 2004 ÁFÉSZ, Inárcs: Constructing a new building (Investment of 120 millions)
  • 2005 Renovation of Castle Beleznay ( Investment of 50 millions)


  • 2008-2010 Felsővány dairy-farm, Bugyi: Milking parlor, construction of the dairy-farm (1,2 thousand millions investment)


As a result of the hard work, our company’s management had an opportunity to participate in internationally acknowledged enterprises, like Hunland Pork Ltd.

The investments helps to develope the services and the realization of the developments of public interest.

During the executions, our company kept the enviromental interests in view, hereby reducing the environmental impact.


Since the company changed it’s profile, it participates in several executions of solar power stations projects and undertake project management tasks from the planning through the collection of authorizations and the constructions. We also hope to take part in the operational period.


  • Institution of Balástya solar power station (KEOP project 2012-2013)


  • Institution of Pusztaszer solar power station  (KEOP project 2012-2013)
  • Institution of Ópusztaszer solar power station (KEOP project 2012-2013)

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Balástyai solar system
Balástya 2013
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